We are CORE, known throughout the construction community as the premier union signatory wood framing contractor. We specialize in building and renovating school campuses and have extensive experience working with the most stringent DSA and OSHPD inspectors. We partner with like-minded General Contractors and Construction Managers who recognize the value of bringing us on early to help carry their project to the finish line. We excel at fast paced projects and have the manpower and horsepower to make the most challenging schedules flow and help drive profit to the other team members through our efficiency and dedication to the overall success of the project. 

We have a strong team of highly skilled & trained carpenters specializing in high end projects, including timber trusses, exposed beams, decking, siding, and other custom carpentry. 

We are here to help. If you have a challenge that needs to be met, call us.

K-12 Schools | Retail Buildings | Medical Facilities | Churches | Fire Stations



“I’ve been in the building industry for over 40 years. And what I just witnessed the past 6 months was amazing watching your company build this project with us and our subs.
Your guys and with the leadership of Adrian was so professional every day.”

Gary Miinch – Erickson-Hall Construction Company

“… Core has proven their commitment to making this project a success and their continued diligence in overcoming the inherent additional challenges brought on by the OSHPD authorities.”

Tyler Molesworth – Lusardi Construction Company



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